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Rescue/Animal Advocacy News & Information

This page is dedicated to sharing news and information about rescue and animal advocacy information. It is also a place where we can post pets that are lost and those that are found.
If you have something you would like us to place here please email us using the link below.
If you find a pet and can hold it, please email us a picture, description and where you found it and we will post it here.
If you have lost your pet, please email us a picture, description, where the pet was lost and on what date and we will post it here.


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Animal Rescue News

Warren County TN Puppy Mill Raid

The Patrick Miracle

Patrick was starved, neglected, abused and then dumped down a garbage shute at a New Jersey apartment complex. Trash collectors found him during their rounds. He was rushed to a vet where he had no body temperature. Hours away from dying Patrick is making an amazing recovery. His owner has been charged and faces prison time and a fine.

For every Patrick (see his story on this page) there are 100's, if not 1000's of others in similar conditions. It is up to those who care for animals to be their voice in getting tougher animal cruelty laws passed in every state. What are the laws in your state? Please take the time to find out.


Animal Advocacy News

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Justice for Puppy Doe

Two teenage boys (18 and 19) are accused of torturing and killing an innocent 4 month old St Bernard puppy. Not only does this make most of us in rescue sick to our stomach but we are demanding justice. These two do not deserve a "slap" on the wrist. They deserve jail time! Please read the story here. Please plan on attending their next court date on Sept 10th at 9:00am in Dresden!

T-shirts will be available soon. Click here to for preorder information.

Lost and Found

Lost your pet? Found a pet?

This area is dedicated to posting lost and found dogs and cats. If you have the need email us below with a picture, description and contact information and we'll  post it here for you.


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