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Welcome to the Saving Companions Rescue Website.  Thank you for visiting with us today! We are happy that you found us. If you are looking for a lost pet go to our News & Information page to see if someone has posted your pet. If you have found a pet, email us and we will post it in an effort to find it's family. 

It is unfortunate that we live in a society of cruelty to the animals that we are suppose to be taking care of.  Domestic animals, such as dogs and cats seem to suffer on a more far reaching scale than others due to their popularity in the human household.  A recent story out of New Jersey ("The Patrick Miracle") is an example of extreme abuse and neglect.  But for every Patrick there are many others that die from the same fate.  The answer lies only in strict animal cruelty laws and education.  Until the laws match up with the cruelty these animals have to endure there will be a need for rescues such as SCR and the mony others that strive to save as many of them as possible.

This is where you come in!  Whether you are able to adopt one of our companion animals... or one from another rescue, you are making a dent in the problem.  It is one life that is saved!  If you can't adopt an animal, there are several ways to help.  You can foster one on a temporary bases till a permanent home is found (but caution you will get attached), volunteer your time to work at an event, or donate to help us pay for vaccinations, worming and spay and neuter services from our veterinarian.

We are also working hard to educate the younger generation about responsible pet ownership.  School programs encouraging students to spay and neuter their pets and get their dogs on heartworm preventative are ongoing.  These children are the next generation of pet owners.  It is important that they understand that pet ownership is for the life span of that pet and like their parents have to provide for them, they have to provide for their pets.

SCR believes that no animal should be put down "just because" it isn't wanted. We are a "no-kill" rescue. This means that sometimes we have some of our dogs for a long time before the right owner adopts them. Keeping them long term increases the dollars we have to spend on them with food and veterinarian care. us it is worth it to see their faces every day and think "better off here than dead!".

We hope that you will take the time to review our adoptable pets and find the perect match for you, donate to "help us, help them" or foster one of these great dogs or puppies. I guarantee your life will be changed forever!

We are happy to be a 2013 Adopt-a-Pet Approved Rescue.

Kim Jones
Saving Companions Rescue

Saving Companions Rescue



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