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About SCR

We started Saving Companions Rescue, or SCR for short, in an effort to save as many dogs as posssible while giving them the care, vetting and attention they need. After working with other rescue groups in the area we learned that there was a need to do it differently. SCR will focus on a smaller number of dogs/puppies. Fosters will be limited to the number of dogs/puppies they have to one or two. This will allow adequate time & attention to each animal. We are committed to the health and mental well being of each animal that comes into our care. We believe one on one attention is crucial to the animals so that they are well socialized and ready for new homes when a prospective adopter is approved.


SCR Mission Statement

SCR mission is to take unwanted dogs and puppies in Carroll County TN, as well as surrounding areas when possible, and provide them with an adequate foster environment, veterinarian care, socialization and eventually a permanent home with a family that will treat the dog or puppy as a member of their family and friend. But this is just a start.

We at SCR strongly believe we must educate the general public on the need to spay and neuter their pets. We believe that education of the younger generation is important so that the next generation of pet owners are responsible and caring. We have and will continue to have ongoing education programs in the local school district as well as those who contact us for assistance.

SCR is a no-kill rescue. This means each dog or puppy will be stay with us until they are adopted. While we don't like to keep them in foster care long term, we will not euthanize a dog or puppy to make room for another. Each animal in our care deserves a chance at a loving home.

SCR will work to spread the word about cruelty and abuse (as well as abandonment) suffered by dogs and puppies around the country and the world.  We will also share happy stories. We will share stories here on our website under our "News & Information" page as well us under our Facebook Page. We believe that by doing this it will bring awareness to this suffering and encourage people to get involved in putting a stop to it. We believe that together we can make a difference.

Our final mission will be able to put a "Going out of Business" sign on our door. While this may be a lofty goal, it gives us something to reach for.

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