Puppy Doe


On May 15, 2012 two teenage boys (18 and 19) tortured and killed an innocent 4 month old puppy "just because" they didn't want it anymore. Needless to say we cannot allow this type of abuse go unpunished. Abuse of animals is running rampant in West Tennessee (as well as nationwide) and it must be brought to the attention of every citizen so that those guilty of this terrible crime are caught and punished. Because that is what it is...a crime.

On May 15, 2012 the boys were arrested on these charges. On June 13, 2012 they waived their rights to a preliminary hearing. The DA changed the charge to a Class E Misdomeanor which carries a maximum sentence of 6 years in prison. Is this enough time for killing an innocent puppy. NO!

We must work to change the laws so that the punishment fits the crime!

We are creating T-shirts that will help spread the word about animal cruelty in general and for Puppy Doe in particular. By getting one of these t-shirts and wearing them you will be helping to spread the word that "There is no excuse for animal abuse!"  We are currently working on the artwork and will have examples soon.

We would like to get a preliminary number of t-shirts so we can determine counts and pricing! If you can fill out the form below and submit it with the sizes and numbers of t-shirts we can get an idea of how many we will need. Please specify the number per size.






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